BlackMagic Media is not your average search advertising agency.

In fact we are different in many ways but first and foremost we are internet monetisation experts. Whether you are looking to maximise your ROI on your advertising spend or provide your user base with the best quality search results, or offers, it makes sense to talk to us first.

We won't blind you with science, algorithms, data and records although we are happy to indulge you with this should you insist! We are a team of diverse people brought together to make your dream and ours come true through the search advertising agency called BlackMagic Media. We will listen to you and understand your needs. We will translate these online goals and help you to find the perfect set of tools to make them happen.

It's time you got exactly what you want!

for advertisers


Wouldn't it be nice to pay your money and get exactly what you were after? Advertising on the internet should and can be this way.

Would you like excellent coverage and niche traffic without having to pay the earth for it? We know what you want, we wanted it too and had to build it ourselves to get it!

for publishers


Site monetisation is an easy thing to promise but a harder thing to actually deliver upon. Isn't it comforting to know that we've been doing it for years and have made all the mistakes for you?

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"what they think"

Black Magic are an absolute pleasure to work with and the results have been great. Good job! .... more testimonials